More VH-IVI – edited

I found this photo hiding in my files – it was taken c1971 by my good mate Ron Dredge. It shows ‘IVI after repaint but before Ray Whitbread used it as a mobile billboard for his business. I always preferred it in this original scheme, but the aeroplane had to pay its way – it was too expensive to operate otherwise.

ivi rdBelow:- Ray’s paint scheme was way better than the previous one – sort of a yucky yellow… (Bankstown 1970).

Mustangs 12 02 2014 1a1aaa1

Mustangs 12 02 2014 2a1aaBelow:- ‘IVI’s instrument panel as delivered. No frills ex-military, in contrast to the seat which had been replaced by a comfortable one from a Beech Debonair.

Mustangs 12 02 2014 3aBelow:- 27 litres of thunder – ‘IVI’s Merlin uncowled.

Mustangs 12 02 2014 11a1


Firefly Sunset

Firefly 1Fairey Firefly, Nowra c1980.
Ha! Found it! These pics were taken at Navy Air Day, HMAS Albatross, Nowra NSW on Sunday May 4th 1980 – back in the days when Australia had a proper Naval air arm instead of a bunch of eggbeaters.

Temora Trip Part 4 – Kero Burners

I have a personal fondness for piston power, but there were a couple of interesting jets at the air show as well. First, of course, is the ex-VNAF, ex-VPAF Cessna A-37B Dragonfly VH-DLO.

dragonfly 1 dragonfly 2 dragonfly 3A heavily-muscled descendant of the Cessna T-37 “Tweety Bird” trainer, the Dragonfly was a very impressive counter-insurgency aircraft.

The other jet was a rather less aggressive visitor – ex-RSAF SIAI-Marchetti S.211 trainer VH-DZJ.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANice looking little jet – although it could do with a tidier paint job – and the single turbofan makes it remarkably quiet for a military aircraft.