An Airtruk by any other name…Skyfarmer Hox aThis is the prototype Transavia Skyfarmer – an upgraded T-300 Airtruk – being test flown at Hoxton Park aerodrome in September 1984. There is some confusion about the “Skyfarmer” name. When I worked at Transavia the first Lycoming T-300 was being built, and it was simply referred to as an Airtruk. When the structurally modified aircraft in these photos was built (after I had left the company), it was commonly known as the Skyfarmer, whether fitted with the 300hp or 400hp engine. But I don’t really know whether the name was related to the engine or the modified airframe.
Skyfarmer Hoxton bThe Skyfarmer had a new oleo nosewheel, longer tailbooms and extended stub wings; and of course later versions had the 400hp Lycoming O-720 instead of the original O-540.Skyfarmer Hoxton cThe 400hp engine gave better performance, but with no useful increase in disposable load the aeroplane couldn’t really succeed in a market that increasingly favoured larger aircraft.Skyfarmer Hoxton d1Above:- Pilot Neil MacDonald performing a preflight check.
Below:- the Skyfarmer taking off, with Beech Sundowner VH-UMT in the foreground. Skyfarmer Hoxton e