Mustang Time

The first New South Wales Air Race was held in 1973, and both of Illawarra’s Mustangs were entered. VH-BOZ was Race No1, and was repainted blue all over for the event. It was flown by Arnold Glass. VH-BOY was entered as Race No2, but from memory it went unserviceable before the start.

Air race mustangs 1Above – VH-BOY and VH-BOZ at Bankstown before the start of the air race.

Air race mustangs 3Above – VH-BOZ somewhere along the race route. (Coff’s Harbour?) With ill-fated Pitts S2 VH-PAS, and an Ansett Fokker F-27, VH-FM?

Air race mustangs 2Above – Arnold Glass takes VH-BOZ on a high speed run across the airfield, and
Below – poses for the cameras with a local lass. Pretty sure this was at Dubbo.

Air race mustangs 4