Yankee and Zulu

Work in progress…

Mustangs 12 02 2014 9aAbove – I don’t know who owns copyright to this photo. It was given to me for my collection in the early Seventies, and shows VH-BOZ in 1966. Not sure where.

Mustangs 22 02 2014zulu1Above – Another view of Miss Zulu, from 1971, outside Illawarra’s hangar at Bankstown.


Mustang Time

The first New South Wales Air Race was held in 1973, and both of Illawarra’s Mustangs were entered. VH-BOZ was Race No1, and was repainted blue all over for the event. It was flown by Arnold Glass. VH-BOY was entered as Race No2, but from memory it went unserviceable before the start.

Air race mustangs 1Above – VH-BOY and VH-BOZ at Bankstown before the start of the air race.

Air race mustangs 3Above – VH-BOZ somewhere along the race route. (Coff’s Harbour?) With ill-fated Pitts S2 VH-PAS, and an Ansett Fokker F-27, VH-FM?

Air race mustangs 2Above – Arnold Glass takes VH-BOZ on a high speed run across the airfield, and
Below – poses for the cameras with a local lass. Pretty sure this was at Dubbo.

Air race mustangs 4

More VH-IVI – edited

I found this photo hiding in my files – it was taken c1971 by my good mate Ron Dredge. It shows ‘IVI after repaint but before Ray Whitbread used it as a mobile billboard for his business. I always preferred it in this original scheme, but the aeroplane had to pay its way – it was too expensive to operate otherwise.

ivi rdBelow:- Ray’s paint scheme was way better than the previous one – sort of a yucky yellow… (Bankstown 1970).

Mustangs 12 02 2014 1a1aaa1

Mustangs 12 02 2014 2a1aaBelow:- ‘IVI’s instrument panel as delivered. No frills ex-military, in contrast to the seat which had been replaced by a comfortable one from a Beech Debonair.

Mustangs 12 02 2014 3aBelow:- 27 litres of thunder – ‘IVI’s Merlin uncowled.

Mustangs 12 02 2014 11a1