An unidentified GAF licence-built Mirage, A3-xxx overhead at Richmond RAAF Air Show, 1972 – 73. A beautiful aeroplane, the classic delta shape only slightly interrupted by those long range tanks. The “Miracle” was very small and very fast, and getting a good photo with a pocket camera was more a matter of luck than judgement.


Hoxton Park Sunset

An atmospheric shot of the flightline at Hoxton Park aerodrome near Sydney, c1973. At left is Beech Musketeer VH-DLY, with Victa Airtourer 115 VH-PHP in the centre. At right Musketeer VH-MJA is shutting down after the last flight of the day. Hoxton Park was a great place to learn to fly – away from the traffic of Bankstown, surrounded by rolling hills and open pastures. All gone now, pastures and aerodrome alike, swallowed up by the creeping blight that is the city.

MiG 21 (edited)

If I ever make a list of “things I never expected to see”, this aircraft will be right up there. The Soviet Bloc’s best known Cold War fighter, in private hands, at a country air show, in Australia.
This is ex-Polish MiG 21 UM VH-XXI, painted as IAF “U2146”, at Tamworth in October 1994. It was one of two MiG 21s brought to this country, apparently with the intention of winning a dissimilar aircraft combat training contract with the RAAF. The MiG 21 UM was at Bankstown, and is now (2014) at Fighter World, Williamtown NSW. Its single seat sister ship was stored in NZ. A very impressive aeroplane in flight.