The Family Flyer

These photos came from my friend Barb in Oregon, USA. Her dad, Guy Covert, was a keen pilot. These are just a couple of the aircraft he owned over the years.1946 Ercoupe 415c now in  NC aAbove – Guy tying down his 1946 Erco Ercoupe 415c. The aircraft, N2121H, is still active I believe, in North Carolina.

Ercoupe 415g built c1950 now in Maryland aaAbove – Another of Guy’s Ercoupes, this time a 1950 model 415g. This Ercoupe is also still active, in Maryland. He must have had a lot of confidence in the brakes, or his ability to run really fast backwards…

FamilyAbove – N94432 with the rest of the Covert family.

Taylorcraft BC12-65 photo 1966 now in Calif aaAbove – Guy’s very nice Taylorcraft BC12-65 N29690, photographed in 1966, possibly San Francisco. The most recent photos I could find on the ‘net show the aircraft in a disgracefully neglected condition in California.

Dr1aaAbove – One that Guy didn’t buy; a Fokker Dr1 replica at an air show. I suspect this Triplane is from the Kermit Weeks collection.


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