More VH-IVI – edited

I found this photo hiding in my files – it was taken c1971 by my good mate Ron Dredge. It shows ‘IVI after repaint but before Ray Whitbread used it as a mobile billboard for his business. I always preferred it in this original scheme, but the aeroplane had to pay its way – it was too expensive to operate otherwise.

ivi rdBelow:- Ray’s paint scheme was way better than the previous one – sort of a yucky yellow… (Bankstown 1970).

Mustangs 12 02 2014 1a1aaa1

Mustangs 12 02 2014 2a1aaBelow:- ‘IVI’s instrument panel as delivered. No frills ex-military, in contrast to the seat which had been replaced by a comfortable one from a Beech Debonair.

Mustangs 12 02 2014 3aBelow:- 27 litres of thunder – ‘IVI’s Merlin uncowled.

Mustangs 12 02 2014 11a1