Victa Airtourer Brochure

I picked up this brochure in 1963. Victa’s aviation division had a stand at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show, with a shiny new Airtourer on display. Naturally, as a born aeronut I picked up a couple of brochures; not knowing that seven years later I would learn to fly on the Airtourer 115. The aircraft on display may have been AT115 VH-MVG, which appeared at the Sydney Trade Fair a little later that year. After the Fair it was sold and re-registered VH-FMA, and apparently still exists in Victoria.

Unfortunately, by the time I started with Hoxton Park Flying School, Victa’s aviation hopes were dead. Airtourer production had gone to New Zealand, forced offshore by the Australian government’s lack of support and the influx of cheap American imports. We haven’t learned a thing in the last half-century.

Airtruk Demonstration

(Above) The completed prototype Lycoming powered Airtruk, fitted out for a crop-spraying demonstration. According to my (fairly unreliable) memory, this was Bathurst NSW Air Show, February 1979. In the background you can see the tail of Transavia-built Sopwith Pup replica VH-PSP.

(Below) A Continental-powered Airtruk being demonstrated at an air show in the late ’70s – early ’80s. I don’t remember where this was taken, unfortunately; it may have been Schofields, NSW.