More Mirages

Above:-  GAF Mirage IIIO A3-51 on static display, on a cold and blustery morning at Avalon Air Show, 2011.

Above:- Forty years earlier – Mirage IIIO A3-4 in the static park at Richmond RAAF Air Show. The technology may be outdated, but those classic lines will never age. One interesting difference between the photos is in the position of the air intake shock cones. A3-4’s cones are in the retracted, low-speed position, while A3-51’s are in the forward position for high speed flight.


Merlin Muscle

A few more images from Temora, November 2009 – Spitfire VIII A58-758 / VH-HET and Mustang Mk 21 A68-110 / VH-MFT in formation, their outlines blurred by the summer heat (above).

Spitfire XVI TB863 / VH-XVI (above) and Mustang VH-MFT (below) performing their individual displays.

Vampire T35

De Havilland Vampire T Mk35 advanced trainer of the RAAF Historic Flight during a low pass at Tamworth Air Show, April 1992. A79-636 was flown by the Historic Flight from 1988 until 1997, then retired to Point Cook RAAF Museum as it neared the end of its design fatigue life.