Mustang VH-IVI

Early in 1970, VH-IVI arrived at Bankstown airport. She was a Commonwealth CA-18 Mustang Mk21 ex-A68-119. ‘IVI had a pretty scruffy yellow paint job, but Ray Whitbread, her new owner had the Mustang repainted in a very nice white and maroon scheme.

The above two photos were taken on a rainy day at Bankstown, using an Agfa Rapid camera. The Rapid was rather similar to the Kodak Instamatic; small lens, slow shutter speed, square images and grainy film. But cheap, light and easy to use.

VH-IVI at Camden air show, south-west of Sydney, in 1972. Taxiing out for takeoff, and overhead on a “low and slow” pass.

In mid-1973 the aircraft struck the ground in a vertical dive near Windsor, NSW; destroying the Mustang and killing the the pilot, Ray Whitbread. We lost a true gentleman and a beautiful aeroplane that day.


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