Joy Flights

Ah, the good old days! Remember when you could take a 20 minute joy flight in a Mustang for $3.00?

Me neither. But in 1972 you could go up in a Cherokee 140 for $3.00. And gaze longingly at Commonwealth CA-17 Mustang Mk20 A68-39 / VH-BOY as you walked past. VH-BOY was owned by Doug Fawcett, who also owned Illawarra Flying School and Chieftain Aviation. These aircraft are parked outside Chieftain, on the corner of Henry Lawson Drive and Milperra Rd at Bankstown Airport. ‘BOY and sister ship ‘BOZ were used for target towing under military contract. Just visible at right is privately owned Mustang VH-IVI. ‘BOY is currently in the USA as N551D, ‘BOZ is in the RAAF Museum, and ‘IVI was sadly destroyed in a crash in 1973.


1 thought on “Joy Flights

  1. My grandfather Eric William Greathead was the pilot of vh-boy and vh-boz…. i love all the old photos i have of thoes 2 aircract and the sea furry they had there as well….. id give anything to of been born then.

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